VIP Moving Company. 2012. Built by Urgent Client Solutions


1. Pack ahead of time so that on
    moving day you can help direct the

2. Anything the movers would need
    tools to disassemble, needs to be
    taken care of prior to the mover’s
    arrival. For example mirror off
    dressers, headboards unbolted 
    from the frame of the bed, washer 
    & dryer disconnected, completely
    empty the refrigerator, etc.  

3. Please remove all paper, breakables
    and fragile items and pack them in

4. Have all boxes sealed with tape on
    both the top and the bottom, Color-
    coordinate your boxes for each
    room so that when you arrive to
    your destination, your boxes are
    ready to be unloaded where they

5. Don’t forget to Label

6. If you need packing material such
    as boxes, tape, paper, etc. Order the
    material with our Dispatch Agent,
    they will be deliver the day your
    contract is signed.  

7. Lawn mowers must be completely
   emptied of gasoline engines.

8. Garden hoses should be drained
    and the ends connected together.
    Place hose in empty trash container
    to avoid leakage.

9. Chest of drawers and dressers can
    be moved with the drawers full.
    Please remove items that may break
    or move around. (perfume, cologne,
    jewelry, glass items)

10. Important We do not move Live
      plants, Guns and/or ammunition,
      flammables items such as propane
      tanks, gasoline, etc… 
"Quality Is Our Habit!"